Yes! The energy of the water can be used for a TON of different things. Full moon water is very cleansing, and depending what zodiac sign the moon is in when it’s full, it can take on the energies from that (for example, when the moon is in Leo, you can harness the energy of the sign! Great for glamor or wealth spells, as Leo is known for their ambitious and glamorous energy).

It’s my recommendation to make moon water during the full moon to reap all of the benefits of the moon’s energy. That being said, the rest of the phases are good for moon water as well! If you follow the phases of the moon closely, you’ll find that as the moon waxed and wanes, the intentions you set will grow more powerful each day.

New moons are great for setting the intention for your cycle; if you wanted to make moon water on a new moon night, you could set the intentions for a new beginning within your bottle. Letting it sit in the darkness of the new moon can help it absorb the energies related to the new beginning you want to start, if that makes sense.

As the moon waxes and we go into the first quarter, your moon water can take on the properties of making things happen. Action is a big part of the first quarter moon’s energy, as we are heading towards making your intentions set on the new moon a reality. Moon water made during this time can help with focus as well as being flexible and open-minded.

Those are a couple of examples, but following the moon cycles can be important when it comes to focusing intent within your moon water! I suggest going to this site to look at how they lay out the moon cycles. Also, Google can help with the zodiac and house meanings to figure out which energies are within the moon each cycle. I had a specific place online I used to go to look at the houses, but I’m sorry, I lost it!!

This got kind of long, but I hope it helped!! I’m still learning, so if something I said doesn’t make sense, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification!! I’m always here to help a baby witch get started :)

At the end of the day, the way you interpret how the moon works (and how you go about using the energies provided by the Universe) is your own unique witchy process. Some things I do, others might disagree with! Look into every resource you can find, and then make your own path. That’s some advice I wish I had gotten back when I was a baby witch myself! Once again, I hope this all helped!

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