What Happened in November?

I took lots of pictures of the sunset this month! This is probably my favorite one.

Hello everyone! This month flew by so fast. I can’t believe we’re almost to December already!! This year has gone by so fast! Almost too fast, honestly. It’s been a good one, though!

In December, I plan on writing two big blog posts instead of four weekly ones. One will be all about Seattle, and one will be the regularly scheduled month-end blog post. I’m still brainstorming about that one, though. I might make it about the whole year! We’ll see how ambitious I’m feeling then. So, plan on new posts on the 16th and the 30th of December. Honestly, I may end up writing next week, but I have a feeling last-minute honeymoon planning will take up much of my time! I know how I am when it comes to going on trips!

Now that we’ve covered the business side of the blog, let’s go over what happened in November!

Luigi’s At It Again

On October 31st, Nintendo released Luigi’s Mansion 3 for the Switch. As everyone knows, Luigi is my favorite Nintendo character, but what you might not know is that I’ve never played Luigi’s Mansion. I had a GameCube growing up, but I was in middle school, and Middle School Mary was Evil and Not Good, so I wasn’t allowed to get the first game of the franchise because I was a little shit. It be like that sometimes.

I never even knew there was a second one until the third one came out, and I honestly wasn’t going to buy it because I figured, well, I haven’t played the other ones…why start now?

He’s precious omg ( https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch/Luigi-s-Mansion-3-1437312.html)

My sister Allison bought it and brought it over to my house to play it and my opinion changed drastically. I knew I needed it from the opening cutscene, where my guy Luigi and his group of friends (Mario, Princess Peach, his ghost dog Polterpup, and a handful of Toads) pull up to a luxurious hotel. Of course, things take a turn for the spooky when Luigi realizes King Boo is the one who invited them! Just like in the other two games, you have to help Luigi find his kidnapped (ghost-napped?) friends, collecting lots of money and goodies along the way.

The quality of the graphics keeps true to Nintendo’s high standards, and the story itself keeps me hooked. I’m not finished with it yet, but I’m getting closer to the top of the hotel tower, so I think I’m almost done. It’s an easy game to pick up whether or not you’ve played the first two (or any video games from the Switch-era), and I highly suggest that if you have a Switch, go get this game. It’s lighthearted but still spooky and still challenging in parts, which is the perfect way to keep me hooked.

Disney+ and Thrust

That’s right y’all, Disney+ is finally here! I am Awful and have it on my phone, but I haven’t actually watched anything yet. Honestly, hearing people talk about their excitement and what they’ve watched already has me living vicariously through them…I don’t know why I put watching stuff I like off, but here we are.


We get our first year free (thanks, Verizon!), but it’s SUPER affordable, so if you’re a fan of anything Disney has ever done, get yourself a subscription. According to literally everyone I know, it’s 100% worth it!

I already have a list of what I want to watch first on there, but it’s all a matter of making time with Matt to sit down and show him the movies and shows I grew up with. I also have to really consider watching other Disney shows I never watched growing up because they conflicted with Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon’s schedule (at the end of the day, I’m more of a CN and Nick fan if we’re being honest). I want to watch the Aristocats with Matt, and I think I want to start watching Phil of the Future because everyone keeps telling me it’s worth the watch. I think That’s so Raven might be the first series I watch on there, though. Issa classic.


Thanksgiving is this week! I wrote up a blog about food for the holiday, but I never published it because I didn’t have the ingredients I needed to make the food, and we literally haven’t gone big time grocery shopping in like…two months. Life is busy, what can I say?

That all being said, Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday. I love being around people that love each other unconditionally, and I love eating. What better time of year is there?

Of course, everyone says you can do the same thing on Christmas, but Christmas to me is so different. Thanksgiving really is about being thankful, taking time to reflect on the happiness in life, and sharing food and drink with the people who love you most. Christmas, on the other hand, is about giving gifts and visiting your family, chosen or blood-related. It’s more focused on how much we cherish family via gifts and food, where Thanksgiving is more focused on reflection of your year and food…at least, for me it is. If that all makes sense! They’re similar, but very different in mood to me.

Anyways, bringing it back around! My best friend Erin always has Friendsgiving at her house, and this year was no different. We’ve been doing Friendsgiving for a few years now, but I think that this year was the best one yet. I can’t describe to y’all how relaxing and chill it was. There was no drama and no craziness…it was just a house full of friends and food.

Friendsgiving! Erin took this photo, so shout out to her for the food and pic!

We all took time to say what we were thankful for, as usual for Thanksgiving festivities. I’m pretty sure Matt and I said we were thankful for each other and the honeymoon being paid off, but I could be remembering mine alone…either way, that is what I’m thankful for, for sure. I’m also thankful that this year was so easy compared to the last, and that once again, I’ve come out better than ever. Of course, paying off that honeymoon really is the cherry on top!

Music Time

This month’s playlist was hard to make, mostly because I’ve been listening to the same two songs over and over. One of those songs, “No Nut November”, I almost didn’t put in the playlist because I was like “nah, too dirty”…but it was much better than the other song I’ve had on repeat, “I’m in Love with my Dad”. They’re both by Matt Watson, one half of Super Mega.

Super Mega is a variety channel on YouTube that I’ve been a huge fan of ever since before the two boys came together. Ryan Magee and Watson have been making stuff on YouTube for years, and they came together in the mid-2010s (I believe 2016, but don’t quote me!) to make, well, Super Mega. My boy Watson makes some crazy songs that are super inappropriate but SUPER catchy, so as a result, I’ve been playing his shit nonstop.


Besides all that, Ninja Sex Party released their third cover album, “Under the Covers, vol. III” this month. I put their cover of “Don’t Fear the Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult on the playlist this month because I think it’s the best song Ninja Sex Party has ever come out with, hands down. I love their original stuff, obviously, but this cover is amazing. I suggest listening to it as the sun goes down on a snowy day like I did, because it’ll have you in your feelings like crazy!

Patrick Stump has a new soundtrack he worked on, and he’s my favorite singer, so he’s on here…Allie X has a new single, so she’s on here…Lots of good songs on this playlist this month! Some songs new to me, some songs overplayed in my daily life, but all still great. Check out the playlist here!

Two Weeks ‘Till Seattle, Baybeeeee

Matt and I have been planning our honeymoon since before we got married, and we both can’t believe it’s two weeks away! There’s lots we want to do there, but we’re still ironing out the details. I’m hoping we get to do everything we want to in our 6-day stay, but we’ll see what happens!


Right now, I think our biggest plans are going to the Pacific Science Center, the Space Needle, and Pike Place Market. We’re staying a handful of blocks away from those three places, so I think they’ll all be easy to get to. I also think that we’re going to find lots more to do besides those three things when we get there, so I’m not too worried about making a strict itinerary.

The only thing I think we both are sad we won’t be able to do is to go explore the nature out there. Mount Rainier is 60 miles from the city, so I’m sure we won’t have the time or the transportation to get out there and back. We’ll be able to see it from the Needle, though, so we’ve got that going for us! I’m also pretty confident that we’re going to love it in Seattle, so much that we’ll want to go back pretty soon. If that’s the case, we’ll have to make our way there while it’s warm so we can go into the nature of the Pacific Northwest!

That’s what’s been on my mind all November! Video games, honeymoon planning, and food…always the food…! The month came to an end sooner than I realized, so I’m thinking the year will be over just as fast. Hopefully, we can all make it to the finish line of 2019 in one piece! In the meantime, have a happy Thanksgiving and I’ll see y’all in December!



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