What Happened in March?

Here is a picture of where I found Freya the other day in my room. Peep the handle of the poop scooper and the broom/dustpan…the clutter on the rickety shelf ain’t shit compared to the rest of the room…but Freya is Great.

The Isle of Garbanzo

My passport!
Damian, me, and Matt! Damian and I made our own eyebrows. Matt just has BANGIN sunglasses.
I literally cannot take a good picture of the ceremonies. (On top, we’ve got Diva and I. On the ramp are Tom Nook and Isabelle, and on the left are Bertha and Moe. On the right, Annabelle and Tank!)

What Is There To Do Now?

I liked how the sun was reflecting the pattern of the windowcling in my phone, so here’s a shitty zoomed-in pic of the corner of my living room, complete with Max and Oliver urns, Allison’s drawing of Sailor Saturn, and other various things.

Depressed? Bitch, Me Too, the Fuck

Photo by @poorlycatdraw on Twitter
Here’s a feel-good pic of Matt and I’s AC characters in the museum. Maybe it’ll make ya feel better?

Oh Yeah, Matt’s 26 Now And Also I Almost Killed Him

The before and after shower and shave (I showered, he shaved). He hates this picture on the right, but I love it cause I love him.

Music Obsessions




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Mary B. Golubich

I write stories, as well as music, movie, product reviews and monthly wrap-up journals. Basically, if you can think it, I can write about it.