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All my life, I’ve always been both very picky and easy to please. I know it’s an oxymoron; how can one person be both? Normally, I’d agree with you and say that yes, you can only be one or the other. Knowing myself better than most, however, I know that that is not so true.

Growing up, I avoided a lot of foods and events because I “didn’t like them”. I avoided people that I presumed wouldn’t like me, or I wouldn’t like them. No reason had to be given, I just knew in my heart of hearts that I would be unsatisfied.

As I’ve grown and matured, things that I used to think were not for me have slowly started to enter my “what if?” peripheral. Brussle sprouts, battle royale style games, people that welcome the quiet side of me…all of those things used to be unwelcome in my brain space. Nowadays, I enjoy many more things.

Taste matures over time with the rest of us. As my body grows and learns, so does my brain. I used to be bothered by the mere idea of going home from the bar before midnight. Now I’m happy to be in bed by 11:30. I’m more open to eating different things, like hot pots with weird mushrooms and cow parts, or sushi that’s not just a California Roll.

One thing that has stayed pretty constant with time has been my taste in people. Scary Spice and Ron Weasley set the tone for my sexual awakening and I’ve had a crush on every single person since. The aesthetic of people have always intrigued me. Interesting looking facial features, the way people walk, the fashion choices people make…I’ve always been interested in why people not only do the things they do, but how they look while doing them. My choosing a psychology major was directly driven by the curiosity I’ve always felt when it comes to people.

Now that I’m approaching the next phase of life, I’m even more intrigued by people. What their tastes are, and why they like the things they like. My husband and I are similar, but he has interests and hobbies that I’d never touch. It’s interesting to watch him play first person shooters, or eat sardines without gagging, or even just observing himself in the mirror. His thought process is so logical and different from my own emotionally-driven brain that I can’t help but be fascinated by him.

I train people at work and have the same fascination with watching them translate what I tell them into something that makes sense to them. Sometimes I’m in awe at how deceptively dumb people are. Sometimes I’m shocked at their natural skill. Either way, watching people do something new to them that I’ve been doing for years is always a new experience.

The way things are can always be changed. Life is malleable. My tastes today were not the same as they were when I was young, and I know they will change again and again. Still, I can’t help but wonder if I’ll ever not be intrigued by strange people, or new food, or the way the clouds are shaped. Time is an illusion, but it passes all the same. I wonder if the idea of taste is the same as well.

Hello everyone! Here’s another stream-of-consciousness post for this week. I was at the bus stop last week thinking about how my tastes in all facets of my life have grown since becoming an adult, so this is what came of that! Hopefully you all like these little thought processes I’ve been writing down recently.

Follow me on Twitter for blog updates and daily goofs! I’m hoping that I’ll have a short story finished for you guys soon! For now, wear your mask, wash your hands, and stay safe!

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