My Favorite Crystals

It’s looking a little crazy on my altar but it’s fine…!

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to talk about my favorite crystals. As you may or may not know, I have a TON of crystals. I have them all around my house for various reasons, but it’s mostly because I believe in the healing properties of them. That belief stems from my spiritual beliefs (I’m not too religious, but I believe in some sort of magic and science mix out there in the universe that helps shape how we interpret the world. It’s a whole thing!).

I love collecting rocks and crystals and over the years I’ve acquired quite the collection. I wanted to go over which crystals I like the most, what they are used for, and what I use them for. If you’re into crystals, or just getting into them, hopefully my knowledge can help you decide which crystals you’d like in your own home!


I love a good chunk of amethyst. The purple and white has always been so pretty to me! Amethyst is a crystal that is widely considered to be an “all-purpose stone”. You can really use it for anything spiritual, like meditation and healing. Many people have it in their homes to promote positive and cleansing energy.

In my home, amethyst is definitely a calming, protective stone. I generally use it in almost every room in the house that I spend my time in to absorb the bad energy, protect the positive energy in the space, and promote an anxiety-free environment.

Rose Quartz

Quartz in general is a stone I really like, but rose quartz is my favorite of the quartz family. It’s considered the stone of love! It’s a beautiful pale pink stone that really feels good to both wear and have around in the house. Most people use it to heal emotionally, bring love and peace into their space, and inspire positivity between others.

I use rose quartz in my home, specifically in the bedroom and the living room. I believe that rose quartz really does bring positivity and love into my own space, and it helps with both understanding in the waking life as well as peaceful dreams during sleep.


Jade is considered a “dream stone”, meaning that it helps with dreams. It’s also a protective crystal that brings harmony and releases negativity. Most people wear jade to protect themselves, and bring it into their home to promote peaceful and insightful dreams.

I wear green and white jade as a bracelet for protection! I also put it in all the windowsills to protect from outside negativity. I also believe it promotes positive friendships and brings good people around, so that’s what I usually focus on when I’m cleansing and charging my jade bracelet.


Known as the “cleansing stone”, selenite is all-white and almost otherworldly. It reminds me of the moon! Most people use this crystal to cleanse on a grand scale, open up their minds for brighter clarity, and do lots of heavy emotional work while meditating.

I use selenite as a crystal cleanser on the full moons (when I remember, anyway! I’m bad about cleansing crystals, admittedly…). Since there is usually three days of a full moon, I’ll sit my selenite in the moonlight on the first day of the full moon, then do all my cleansing the next night with the selenite as my guide. On the third night, I’ll charge all of my crystals in the moonlight, the biggest step in my routine since I have so many crystals. In times where I feel like certain crystals need a little extra cleansing, I’ll just plop it on top of my selenite tower for the night.

Those are my favorite crystals that I use in my everyday life! I have SO many different crystals, but those four are my constant companions. I always make sure I have plenty in my house, as well as on my person if I need that extra little boost of positivity in my day-to-day.

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Thanks for checking out my blog post this week! I hope you’ll come back next week for something new!



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