My Dream Pokémon Team


Hello everyone! I have been playing Pokémon Legends: Arceus like it’s my job. I beat the main story in four days, and now I’m stuck on the epilogue boss. I’ve only had the game for a week, but I’m loving it.

Playing it every chance I get has got me thinking…what would my ultimate dream team look like? If Pokémon were real I would have some, of course. I don’t think I’d battle with them, but I’d definitely have them as loyal companions! I’d let them roam around the house and my backyard much like my cats do now. I made a little list in my head while playing the game the other day, and I’d like to share it now!

This list takes into consideration my personal favorite Pokémon, as well as Pokémon who I’d think would enjoy living with me as their trainer. I love certain types of Pokémon as well. My favorites are Fire, Water, and Ghost. However, in reality I don’t think I’d have the means to take care of them! So, although Charmander, Psyduck, and Haunter are my favorite Pokémon, they unfortunately won’t be included in the list…I just don’t think it would be realistic! This list is also in no particular order.


So adorable. (

Number one on the Pokédex, Bulbasaur seems like they’d be a great companion. Unlike Charmander (who might accidentally burn the house down) and Squirtle (who kind of needs a lot more water than I currently have in order to survive), Bulbasaur seems like they would be a practical Pokémon to have.

I have TONS of plants, and Bulbasaur would be right at home in the little jungle I’ve procured over the years. My house also has a lot of natural light, so they could sunbathe to their heart’s content. In the anime, they are known to be very nurturing and loving towards others, which would be perfect for my growing family. I already like frogs as well, so I think I’d love to have a Bulbasaur around!


How can you deny that face? (

I feel like this one is obvious. I love cats, so Meowth was obviously on the list! I feel like the problems I would have with a Meowth would be similar to the problems I already have as a cat owner; worrying about them coming back home after wandering around outside, bringing back “gifts” (although Meowth likes shiny things so they’d probably bring me back some goodies), and seemingly knowing more than me regardless of the difference in species.

Meowth are very cute and very smart, just like real cats. I feel like if Freya and MJ can be happy in my space, so can Meowth!


So cute and fluffy! (

I’ve always wanted a bunny as a pet. I think they’re cute and fun, and Buneary is both of those things! Buneary is one of those Pokémon that I don’t really use in the games, but I love the idea of having one in real life. It would be a new challenge to take care of a bunny, especially one as strong and adorable as Buneary!


I’d let him burn my house down, it’s alright (

Okay I KNOW I said no Fire Pokémon. But look at it!! Litten are SO cute. They are also flammable, so I think I’d have to fireproof my house pretty thoroughly before inviting one into my home. According to Bulbapedia, the furballs Litten coughs up are fireballs and when they shed, their hair just…catches on fire. They’d probably have to be an outside cat. They also take a long time to warm up to trainers (both in the anime and in the games) so I’d have to work for their love…but I’d work hard for it!

Litten might be the most unrealistic Pokémon on the list…but they still made the list! They’re my favorite Pokémon of their Generation (Gen 7), and one of my favorite starter Pokémon. I’d fireproof my house in order to have a Litten for sure.


I Love Him. (

I adore Bidoof. I love their stupid name and I love their stupid face. They’re just goofy. I want one.

They’re very beaver-like, so I’d have to watch them around the house to make sure they don’t eat my walls and furniture. Since I live in Ohio, I could probably find some firewood to keep them busy. They’d most likely be outside pets, hanging out in the backyard and chilling next to the trees. They love water, so in the spring and summer I’d get a little kiddie pool for them to go into! Now that I’m thinking about it, I could probably do that with Water Pokémon…but they need water a lot more than a Bidoof does.

I love Bidoof. I would absolutely have one and cuddle with it all the time!


Fly lil cutie! (

According to Bulbapedia, Starly’s cry is annoying and shrill…but I love birds and I’ve wanted to own them again as pets for quite a while. I’d definitely have a Starly! I think they’re the cutest of all Flying type Pokémon despite their annoying cry. I’d have to make sure they stay away from Meowth and Litten…but that is doable. I’d be happy to hang out with a Starly any day!

So, that’s my little list of Pokémon I would have if they were real. I love most of the 900+ Pokémon, but in reality I know most of them would be too big or too dangerous to have as pets. It’s fun to imagine what it would be like to have a full Pokémon team just to love and take care of without the battling aspect of the games!

Thank you to Bulbapedia for being the go-to for all Pokémon knowledge. Without it, my Pokémon knowledge would be restricted to just Gen 1. That within itself isn’t a bad thing, but it’s nice to be able to keep up with other more knowledgeable Pokémon fans!

What are your favorite Pokémon? Who would you have in your imaginary team? You should let me know on Twitter! I am a huge Gen 1 fan, but as time has gone on I’ve found favorites throughout all of the generations. I don’t have a ton of Pokémon knowledge, but it’s still fun to talk about with people. So let’s talk about it!

Thanks for reading, as always! I’ll catch you here next week for the Monthly Update!



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