June 2022

What an ominous cat Freya is…

Hello everyone! June has been such a busy month, it’s honestly been a blur. Luckily, I remember some stuff to talk about! It’s been very exciting, what with everyone’s birthday happening (like, family, friends, almost everyone I know!), new music coming out, I could go on. It’s also been a heavy last couple of days, what with the Roe v. Wade news. Let’s jump into the month, shall we?

Baby Stuff

35 weeks! Time has flown by!

This month has been full of us trying to get Baby G’s room done and absolutely failing. The most we got done was get the ceiling put up…we still have to paint, waterproof the room, and lay flooring (not in that order, but you get it). Then, we have to actually move all of her stuff into the room and build it all…!

I wanted Olivia’s room to be done by the time of my baby shower, but seeing as it’s this coming weekend, I don’t see us getting it all done in time. Instead, I’m hoping we can get it done before she arrives onto the scene.

That being said…My baby bump is measuring two weeks ahead, so once we get the next ultrasound, we’ll be able to see if she’s going to debut a little earlier than we thought! Matt is deadset on her being here on the 16th of July (which is my last day of work), but I’m hoping she’ll be closer to her due date just so we can finish everything before we are unable to.

All in all, I’m excited, anxious, terrified, and hopeful that everything will happen when it’s supposed to. I’m not only excited to meet my baby girl, but excited to not be so swollen and uncomfortable all the time!

Old, White, “Christian” Men Win Again

Found on Facebook. If you own this image, please let me know so I can credit you!

Roe v. Wade was overturned this month, which is a huge step in the wrong direction. I worry about my daughter being born into a world where she has less rights than I did. I’m also worried about all my friends and family and what this means for their own family planning, as well as their basic human rights. Of course, I’m worried about the same for myself.

I can’t imagine a world where I am expected to die rather than get rid of a unviable pregnancy. It makes me scared to try for another baby in the future, not knowing if I’ll have another happy, healthy pregnancy like the one I’m currently having.

I know so many women who have had miscarriages further along than my own, so many women who have had to make a choice between their lives and the life of their unborn child who wouldn’t make it Earthside, women and children who have had terrible things happen to them, their innocence taken away by a man who wanted control. I’ve even known women who simply just got pregnant at the wrong time, or never wanted children, and decided to terminate simply because they knew they wouldn’t be able to provide the love and support a child needs.

There’s so many reasons people decide to get an abortion, or medically have to in order to keep living. The fact that people can be arrested and tried for murder because of a spontaneous abortion makes me sick. I also wish I remembered who said this, as I saw it on social media somewhere, but someone said something along the lines of “Rapists can now choose the mother of their children”. It made my skin crawl so much, knowing that some men are going to be taking advantage of this new world to control women more than they already try to.

I also realized that a lot of women will try to abort on their own, as you can never really stop abortions, only safe ones. I imagined the horror of not being able to choose, and choosing to end my own life in order to end the life of my own unwanted fetus. I imagined a woman who would be killed by her spouse because she accidentally got pregnant and there was no way to end it. It’s a horrible way for this country to be going.

Of course, I am happily pregnant right now, and that’s because I chose to bring this child into my life. If I had accidentally got pregnant by my husband earlier on in our relationship, I probably would have kept the baby because I knew that he was the one I wanted to be my children’s father.

Now, if I had gotten pregnant before I was ready to be a mother, I would have to decide if I wanted to terminate and wait until I was ready. I’ve had a handful of pregnancy scares, but nothing that actually resulted in a pregnancy. If I had ended up pregnant, I would have had to make that choice. I am 100% pro-choice because in the hypothetical, I would be making an impossible choice for myself. No one should have that choice taken away from them, no matter how hard the answer is to come to.

I’m honestly blessed that I haven’t ever had to make that decision for myself. Now that I’m at the stage in life where I want to have a family, I think about if I were to have an unviable pregnancy, if my baby died in the womb. I would do anything to keep my life in order to stay alive for my family. Knowing that I no longer have a safe option for myself to do so is absolutely terrifying, and absolutely unacceptable. Every person with a uterus should be able to make their own decisions with their own bodies. I will never accept someone telling me what to do with my own, and you shouldn’t either.

Dogsitting Charlie

Not Actually Charlie the Dog (https://www.istockphoto.com/photo/dog-at-the-park-gm962096464-262746909)

Matt and I dogsat for our family friend this past week. It was a good week, despite me having to wake up early every day to drop Matt off to work. I usually wake up after he’s already been at work for a few hours, but in order to take care of the dog, I had to be up early enough to feed him. That just so happened to be around the time Matt had to leave for work, so I took him to work so I’d have the car all week (which was admittedly nice).

Dogsitting Charlie was both fun and stressful! We basically spent a week away from home, which was nice like a little vacation, but not so nice because we still have so much to do at our place. Ultimately, we had a good week with Charlie the Dog, who is a very good boy. I would include a picture of him, but I don’t want to make our family friend uncomfortable so I’ll just post a picture of a yellow lab, which is what he is. I figure that’s good enough! We also got paid in food, which I will never complain about.

Matt and I found ourselves missing Charlie today, the first day we get to spend away from him. It kind of reminded me of what life is going to be like with a toddler, although toddlers are able to tell me what they want a little bit easier than a dog. Luckily, Charlie doesn’t live too far away, so we can always go visit him now and once we actually have a toddler to play with him!

Music Obsessions


I used to be indifferent to Jack Harlow, but “First Class” has been on constant repeat since I first heard it. I’m almost embarrassed that I like it so much. I don’t know any other Jack Harlow songs, but I am for sure a fan of this one song of his.

There’s also a LOT of new music this month! I’m mostly excited about The Midnight, who released “Heartbeat” this month. Their new album, “Heroes”, comes out September 9th and I’m really loving the two songs I’ve heard so far (“Heartbeat” and “Change Your Heart or Die”). Both have very Big Stadium in the 80s energy, so I’m excited to see how the rest of the album stands up next to these two big songs.

Beyonce released a 90s Gay Bar song in this, The Pride Month. “Break My Soul” reminds me of my time working and going to gay bars back in my early 20s. The ones I would go to would play 90s house music more often than not, and I absolutely loved it. So obviously I loved her new single. If her new music is all like that, I’m gonna absolutely LOVE it all.

Hayley Kiyoko also released a new single, “deep in the woods”, from her upcoming album “Panorama” (which I’m also SO excited about), and FrankJavCee released “Melancholy House” as well. FrankJavCee is steadily releasing music all the time, so it’s always fun to hear what he’s come up with. I finally listened to “Harry’s House”, and I loved it (of course). There’s some other goodies on the playlist this month! If you’re interested, click here to listen!

Well, that’s about it for this month! I’m hoping that July will be an easy month, considering at some point I’ll be giving birth to my first child. I want that to be the hardest part of the month! Everything else will hopefully be smooth sailing.

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I’ll see you all here on the 11th with something new! Thank you for reading, as always!



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