Booooooo housework. I hate cleaning more than anything ever. In fact, I’m neglecting housework now to write this! There’s always so much to do around the house. I don’t know how normal adults do it. Am I an adult for stressing over how clean my house is? Maybe so.

Housework is never done. Around this time of year, everyone talks about Spring Cleaning, and I despise the thought of it all. I would fight with my parents when it came to cleaning alllllll the time. I would always do the bare minimum, and my sister would always pick up the slack. This means that I am the worst cleaner on Earth now, and my sister loves to help anyone she can when it comes to cleaning top to bottom. Fortunately, this includes me, and I can’t tell y’all how helpful she is when it comes to big cleaning projects that I get overwhelmed with.

I can’t tell you why I get overwhelmed when I think about cleaning…probably because I used to do the bare minimum and then get in trouble for it, if we’re being honest. But I think it also stems from it being a never ending task. Never ending tasks are one of those things that gives me a little bit of anxiety, just because they’re something I constantly have to keep in mind. That being said, now that I live with four other people, it’s easier to make sure that I clean up after myself because I can tell who’s making the messes! I’ve also gotten to a point in my life where it’s easier to just help my roommates clean up because not only does it make everyone feel a little better, but it’s just easier than starting a fight about who did the dishes last.

There are people that have chore lists and the like, and I really enjoy that idea. I live with stubborn men, however, so I don’t know if that would really work for me. What I noticed is that if I ask for help, nine times out of ten, one of the boys will help me complete whatever cleaning task I want to accomplish. Whether it’s Matt helping unload the dishwasher so I can fill it back up, Juan mowing the lawn because I’m allergic to grass (thanks, Father, for giving me a natural out to ever mowing a lawn in my life), or Damian helping me move trash out of whatever room I let get a little too cluttered and dirty, I always have help at home when it comes to getting stuff done around the house.

What I do on my own is not something I’d consider cleaning, but more like ‘tidying up’. Sure, I do the dishes like every other day, and I try to get the laundry done before I completely run out of clothes, but my living room is generally a mess always. There are shoes everywhere, mail in random spots, almost all of my makeup making the centerpiece of the coffee table (since Matt is usually sleeping when I’m getting ready for work, I have to go somewhere I can turn a light on), and just a general ‘my house is a wreck’ aesthetic.

However! Every day, I try to pick up some things so that it never gets to be too much. Yesterday, I grabbed all of the fast food napkins off of the coffee table and put them in the kitchen for further use, cause you know I’m not wasting good napkins. The day before, I organized my makeup so that it wasn’t completely all over the table. Today, I’ll probably take all of the paper that’s in the living room and find a place for it, if it’s not scrap paper. Obviously, if it is, it’s goin’ in the recycling bin. Little stuff like that tends to make my spirit feel a little better for just wanting to relax after work.

Cleaning is unfortunately an important step that I missed the bus on while growing up. I hated it so much, I refused to learn how to do it properly. Now, thanks to working in jobs where I had to clean, meeting people that were patient with me and taught me how to clean, and finally listening to my parents, it’s not as hard as I always made it out to be.

I do prefer a nice, clean house. Uncluttered and still a little disheveled is usually what people get, but spring is here, so don’t be surprised if I write about the Golubich Spring Cleaning Adventure of 2019 later on! Or maybe do be surprised. After all, I still despise cleaning, so to get me to really get down and clean might be a miracle.

Thanks for reading! I’ve been trying to figure out how to write about cleaning for a few weeks now, so hopefully you got some entertainment from this week’s post. I’m sure I’ll be talking about it again, because I would like to write a post about ‘Cleaning For People Who Hate Cleaning’ eventually! I just have to, y’know, clean and find out what is useful and what’s not!

If you have any suggestions or ideas that you’d like to share, you can always go on over to Twitter to tell me all about it! And if you have something you’d like to see me write about, go ahead and tell me over there too. I really would like to start writing some creative fiction on here (short stories are my favorite to write, I’m just trash with ideas), so any and all writing prompts are appreciated!

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