December 2022

Mary B. Golubich
5 min readDec 27, 2022
my dad took Olivia to see Santa! Not pictured: my dad or Santa

Hello everyone! This year is almost over. It’s been a year full of love and happiness, despite the setbacks in life. I had a baby, which has always been a lifelong goal of mine. Matt and I moved into our best friends basement, after losing Damian and ultimately getting priced out of our home. Those two things have been the main points of my year…other than that, it’s been business as usual!

What happened in December? Let’s get into it!


How cute!

This Christmas was Olivia’s first! Unfortunately, Matt and I have little cash to throw around…but fortunately, we have lots of people in our corner! A lot of our friends and family got Olivia some cool and useful gifts, like clothes and formula. We also got a tree from our friends but we didn’t have time between being sick and Matt’s surgery (where they declared him cancer free, yay!) to put it up. Once I started assembling the tree, I realized we didn’t have the base! Hopefully next year we’ll be more prepared.

Even though it wasn’t very “Christmassy” for the Golubichs this year, I think we still had a good time. I enjoyed my Christmas, and I loved seeing Olivia spend time with her family!! I’m looking forward to when she can remember Christmases and the special moments of the holidays. For now, I’m glad she can’t because she won’t remember how half done this year was for us!!!

Four Years Later

Matt and I’s wedding anniversary was this month! We’ve been married for four years! We kind of did our Christmas presents for our anniversary this year. I gave him the new Call of Duty game and he bought me writing books and took me out to Piada (our first date). Since Olivia was with us, we looked at the Easton Christmas Lights and took her around Barnes and Nobel to look at everything. It was a good time!

It’s crazy to think I’ve been with the same person for almost six years. It’ll be six years in February, but it still feels good. I’d say it feels new, but honestly it doesn’t. Instead, it feels like coming home after a long journey every time I see Matt. The instant relief, happiness, and love that I feel for him gets stronger everyday despite all the ups and downs in our life. It’s even better now that Olivia is here! Watching him be Dad is great. I knew I picked a good dad for my kids, both present and future.

Anyway, I’m excited to see how 2023 treats us! Olivia will be one next year (ridiculous, honestly ridiculous) and our relationship will be one year stronger. Who knows what will happen??

Slice of Life

Thanks to Matt, I now have a new favorite anime genre: Slice of Life! Basically, the genre consists of your every day happenings: school, work, relationships. It doesn’t have any magical or supernatural elements, and it’s not very action-y. It’s kind of like living your regular life.

I usually watch anime like Cowboy Bebop, Sailor Moon, My Hero Academia, or the Rise of the Shield Hero, to name a few. Space Western, Magical Girl, Superhero Action, Fantasy…my interests in anime are broad, but usually have exciting aspects.

Matt likes those too, but he also likes Slice of Life anime. I had never watched them before, so we decided to watch Toradora! together. Toradora! is an anime about a shy boy who accidentally makes friends with the fiercest girl in school. Together, they vow to help each other confess their love to their respective crushes.

It’s a funny show, with lots of goofs but lots of dramatic moments as well. I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I do! It’s nice to watch the characters interact, especially because they are all so different. Takasu loves to clean and prepare food, whereas Aisaka is filthy and doesn’t eat unless Takasu makes her food, for example. Aisaka has a short fuse and is very emotional, where her best friend Kushieda is goofy and loud in a fun way. It’s interesting to see how everyone gets along, and how Takasu and Aisaka’s unlikely friendship develops. I’m not done with the show yet, but I’d recommend it if you’ve never seen a Slice of Life anime!

Music Obsessions: My Favorites From The Year

This year, instead of making a unique playlist for December, I made a “Favorites” playlist. I picked a song from each playlist of the year and put them in this month’s playlist! It was fun to choose each song from each playlist. It was especially fun to see where I slacked off in the music choices I made throughout the year, and where I focused on making a good playlist.

This month’s playlist has Beyoncé, Matt Watson, Sam Smith, and plenty of video game and Marvel music. I also included a Christmas song because, well…it’s December. Click here if you’re interested in which songs made the playlist for the month! And click here if you’re interested in my other playlists from this year and beyond!

December flew by, but I’m excited for 2023. I’m hoping that it isn’t a hard year, and that Matt and I can get our ducks in a row so that we can move into our own place with ample room for Olivia to run and play!

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy this last week of 2022. Feel free to subscribe to me here on Medium and follow me on Twitter to stay up to date with when I post. It should be every Monday, but with an infant in the house, you never know if I’ll skip a week or not!

Thank you for reading, and thanks for sticking with me all year. Have a happy new year! I’ll see you soon with another new post!



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