Craft Room?: Plant Room Update

Mary B. Golubich
4 min readNov 8, 2021


From L to R: Some clay earrings I’m workin on, and a painting from last month’s one-a-day painting challenge.

Hello everyone! It’s time for another Plant Room Update! I have gotten to a point where I feel like the “getting it ready” part is pretty much done. I ditched all of the big plans I had for this room in favor of something more simple. Having this room to myself has been very nice, and I have been using it predominately as a craft room now that the cleaning and the moving of the plants is (almost) done. I still have plenty more plants I want to move into the room. With the seasons changing, however, I’m nervous to move them while they adapt to the dwindling light. Hopefully once autumn and winter settle in, I can move the plants with minimal worry!

Crafting and making art has always been something fun that I like to do in my spare time. I’m always looking for new creative ways to satisfy the need for artistic expression, and right now I’ve been really into clay crafting. Specifically, clay jewelry! I know I’ve talked about it a few times on this blog and on Twitter/Instagram, so forgive me if I sound like a broken record. It’s nice to have a space where I can experiment with new things, and since I’ve been doing art stuff in the Plant Room, I can really appreciate the work I put into cleaning it up.

Besides crafting, I’ve been taking care of all the plants in the house in general. My dad gave me a new plant the other day, and I’m really excited about it! I’ve been wanting a monstera forever, and he gave me a cutting of his mini monstera the last time I visited him.

Look at this guy! Damian’s urn is right next to the postcard my dad made for me, just out of frame. My old cat Oliver’s pawprint is in that tin behind the mini monstera. He gets a special place in here too! It’ll be more special once I find the stand to display the paw print.

On Halloween, I took Damian’s ashes and spread them in my father’s garden. Now, the mini monstera lives on the same shelf as Damian! I think he’d like the little Swiss Cheese Plant. I plan on getting more plants that I know Damian would like (like an indoor morning glory, for example) and having them all sit on that shelf with his urn. I think that it would be a great resting place for my best friend, surrounded by plants and art.

My future plans for this room include more surfaces for more plants! I also want to make this room relatively cat-friendly, as both Freya and MJ come in and hang out while I do my thing in here. I have been wanting to buy a cat hammock for the window, and I want to also buy another cat tree for them. I also think that some of the old blankets I have can be repurposed to make big ol’ cat beds for the two of them. I’m not going to go big and sew anything, though…I honestly think that if I fold some blankets and put them where the sun shines through the window, the cats will use said blankets. One thing I’ve learned about cats over the years is that you don’t REALLY have to buy them anything too expensive…they’ll lay down in a cold cardboard box and be happy about it!

This will probably be the last Plant Room Update until something drastically different happens in the room! I figure from here, I’ll just be repeating myself every week. I’m happy that I’ve shared the process of making this room a safe space for myself and whomever wants to visit these past few months, and I plan on sharing more news with you as it comes. For now, feel free to follow me on Twitter for more daily Mary Time. If you’d like to look at all the arts and crafts I’ve done in this Plant Room, feel free to follow me on Instagram as well! Finally, if you like what I write, feel free to leave a tip on ko-fi! All tips go towards publishing the book I am writing.

Thanks for reading, as always! I’ll see you next week with something new!



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