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One thing that I think may be my favorite part of nature is clouds. When I was younger, I wanted to be a meteorologist so that I could study them…until I realized that I needed to know math.

When I gave up on that dream, I decided that studying and drawing them would be enough. To this day, the only cloud name I remember is cumulonimbus. I figured if I didn’t learn the names of all of them by heart, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Besides, I love the way the clouds instill certain emotions within me more than the scientific study of them anyway. The way that a post-rain sunset looks is unbeatable. It instills such a sense of both wonder and comfort.

Watching storm clouds roll in remind me of watching the thunderstorms with my dad when I was a kid. The black sky pierced by lightning made me leap with excitement in our garage. Nostalgia seeps into every skyline.

Painting clouds and skylines is one of my favorite things to do, but I haven’t done it in a long time. I keep seeing photos of different clouds and seeing the sunset sky on the way home from work and I wonder how to get the depth that real life clouds have on the canvas. A combination of the frustration from lack of skill and being depressed threw a wrench in my sky painting progress!

This weekend, Matt and I decided to drive to Michigan and back to have me practice driving (long story short: it was terrifying on the highway, how do y’all do it everyday?!). On the way there, it was the evening and storms were on and off. The sky was dark and you could see the rain falling from the clouds (cumulonimbus, no less). It was amazing!!

On the way back the next day, the sky was very blue and bright. It was noon, so the sun was high. All of the clouds were billowing white and low to the ground. It looked like if I stuck my hand out the window, I could grab some of them to bring home with me. It was also amazing!!

I think one of life’s simple pleasures is looking up at the sky and seeing the clouds. During the stressful year that is 2020, it’s nice to slow down and look up to see what the clouds are up to.

Hello everyone! One of my favorite things about road trips is looking out at the scenery. The clouds were awesome this weekend, so that’s what I wrote about!

I wanted to write a review on “Monsters”, the new album by the Midnight (one of my favorite bands), but I need more time to listen to it and get some cohesive notes down! Hopefully by next week I can give y’all my take on it. If you’ve never listened to the Midnight, you should! They’re a synthwave duo that have really outdone themselves and changed the game with their new album. I’ll link the Spotify page for them here so y’all can check out their stuff before you read my review of their newest project!

In the meantime, I hope you liked the post for today! It’s not really a story, but I figured it would still be nice to read. If you want to keep up with my daily shenanigans, follow me on Twitter! I also post blog updates, so you can keep up here as well! Thanks for reading!

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