A Quick Read on Time Management

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Set A Timer

The only reason I’m ever on time to work is because I set timers for myself in the morning. Having a soft blueprint of when I should be clothed by, when I should have eaten by, and when I should be leaving the house has done WONDERS in getting me to work on time.

Get A Buddy To Hold You Accountable

This one only works some of the time, but it works! If I’m procrastinating or otherwise not using my time appropriately, I’ve noticed my husband Matt is great at helping me structure my time. Having someone to talk out your plan of attack for tasks is surprisingly (or unsurprisingly, depending on how you look at it) helpful for actually getting tasks done. I enjoy talking about my daily plans with him because I know he’ll ask me about them later in the day.

Make a List

If you don’t have a buddy around to talk through problems with, lists might help you instead! I have made lists for myself since I could write, and I genuinely think that writing out everything you need to accomplish within a time frame and putting it where you can see it helps almost anyone get things done.

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