Photo by Matt G…this is somewhere on his work’s campus…very cool

Hello everyone! This May got really summer-y really fast, huh? It’s been a nice month for me, and I think most people would agree. Since (mostly) everyone has their vaccines in full, things are starting to go back to “normal”. Of course there are people that still refuse to get their vaccine…I’m hoping enough people get it that we don’t have to treat Covid like how we treat the flu.

Either way, I’m excited to see what Summer 2021 has in store! Before we get there, though, we’ve got to talk about May…

“Sorry, sorry,” I breathed, running into Smoothie Boss at five ‘till close. It had to be the second or third time this week I had done this to them. On the way home from work, I always stopped by Smoothie Boss to get my favorite smoothie (Strawberry Banana Dream with extra strawberries). Ever since getting my promotion, however, I had to start staying later and later at work. Before I knew it, I was running out of the office to get my smoothie.

I hated being the last customer of the day anywhere; working in food service to pay my…

here is my backyard cause I do not have a proper photo for today oop

When I was a kid, I knew I was some sort of queer. I had a crush on every boy, of course, but girls were just…fascinating. Eventually, I learned about the LGBT community; it didn’t hurt that both of my parents were a part of it, so I learned all of the words and phrases that are now commonplace in mainstream society pretty fast.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve loved seeing the new language people have been using to identify themselves. I myself have even benefitted from this, as I realized I’m not bisexual, but pansexual. …

Mua Pel’am from Adolfo Walsh’s camera

I’ve been playing a LOT of The Sims 4, specifically the Island Living and Discover University expansion packs. In hindsight, I should have saved photos and documented this run of The Sims because I am doing a pretty decent job at keeping the family line alive! I like to play The Sims a specific way; basically, I make a couple and drop them in a premade house. They marry and have a kid, and then that kid marries an NPC and has a kid, and so on and so forth. …


Sleep is strange. You set aside eight-ish hours to slip into a semi-coma and refresh your brain for the next day. Naps are even weirder. You do the same thing but wake up way before eight hours have passed. Naps fee more “liminal space”-ish than sleep ever will.

I took a nap today after getting my second Covid vaccine. The first shot made me sleep for a whole day. It felt like I was in a dream state. This time, I only slept for a few hours. It felt like days.

In my sleep, I heard the YouTube videos that…

my current view.

Hello everyone! April was a strange month for me. As the weather flips and flops, so does my mood. I’ve been both very sad and very happy this month! Luckily, there has been a lot to keep me preoccupied this month. Let me tell ya about it!

the latest set, “PM 6:00”

Disclaimer: as the title says, I’m not being paid to review this product. All of these opinions are 100% my own, with no influence other than my willingness to share what I’ve learned about it with you!

Hello everyone! Today’s next little review of mine is for Vanity Table’s OHARA nails. If you read my end-of-month post, you’ll know that I was introduced to the concept of nail stickers by my friend Mari and her Color Street stickers. She let me have some of hers and I fell in love with the concept of it all. Not having to get…

Geez, what an old picture!! I think it was his birthday…!

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to talk about my husband. Matt is great, he’s the best, and I love him SO much. Our entire relationship is built on that love, as well as trust and communication. I have never been with someone who is as down to talk about what bothers them as he is. It’s refreshing!

Lately, I’ve noticed that we both have fallen into what I like to call the Lull: the point of any relationship where the people involved get, well, comfortable. We have our own lives that intersect and I love that, but I’ve found myself…

From one of our many walks.

Hello everyone! March has shaped up to be a long, happy month. I can’t begin to describe just how nice it feels to walk around in the spring weather! Although this coming week is supposed to be a cold, dreary one, I’m still happy that better, warmer weather isn’t too far away. Let’s dive on into what March has been like for me…!

Here she is, Mrs. No Stinkyyyyy

Hello everyone! Today, I’m starting a new blog topic. A new segment, if you will. Not Sponsored, But Should Be is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while because I like to shop, and I have opinions about things. I really enjoy trying new products, whether they be for the house or beauty and skincare (and of course, everything in between!)

Obviously, every product I mention in this post is bought with my own money, and I’m not sponsored to share my opinion in any positive or negative way. I’m not getting paid to be nice (or mean)…

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I write about music, movies, life, and Other Generic Things.

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